An unfavourable outcome

I started my new year with a business trip to Lombok. Neh.. I wish.

Instead it started with me being oncall.

Assisting people in diagnosing their medical illness and while at it, solving their social issues. Honestly, if one decides to step their foot in the emergency unit – it must be for a very serious and urgent matter. Hence, they must be prepared for the outcome of the visit such as

  • for admission to stabilise the condition or observation
  • for a follow up consultation in the respective specialised clinic
  • transfer to a tertiary centre with relevant expertise, should they need one

Therefore, it is heartbreaking and at times frustrating when after the length of procedures and test we do prior to the above 3 solutions, you suddenly say

  • I want to be admitted at a private hospital – do they not realize that a similar battery of tests and investigations will be repeated at the private centre.. membazirlah test yg dibuat earlier from the RM1 payment.
  • I can’t be admitted to the hospital now – my birds at home needs to be taken care of or someone needs to cook dinner for my 25 year old son ..
  • or you did not honour the follow-up appointment we got for you the week after and make a return visit to the emergency unit – saying the previous ER doc that saw you did NOTHING and yet we found a referral letter folded neatly in between you BP trend notebook dated a year ago!
  • you refuse transfer to the best hospital (which is conveniently only 45 minutes away) because it would be difficult for your relatives to visit you – like hellooo.. if your distant relatives want to visit you, do it when you are well or during festive seasons..

So yes – nak sembuh pun I kena merayu masuk wad. 

And I haven’t even listed the grandiose, bongkak statements some patients make regarding the health that Allah bestowed upon them. Perhaps I shall leave you with one ..

“Tak payahlah nak cuci2 darah doctor, tengok saya nih umur masih panjang dan sihat”

(there’s no need for a dialysis doc, look at me, look at how I am still very much alive”

Yet your Urea is a freaking 51, Creatinine a horrifying >900, potassium of 6.2 and an acidotic blood gas? And you came to the emergency unit for being lethargic. *sigh*

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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