Sick from our very own superbug – The ‘Molly’ virus

The past 2 weeks have been like hell. Our little family have fever and flu from what Mr Husband annoyingly dubbed as ‘The Molly virus’.The last time I remembered feeling this groggy and horrible was during my International Baccalaureate (IB) years when I was hospitalised for nearly a week. So yes, it’s been a while.

An influenza virus named after me (molly is my nickname since I was a kid) because I work in a highly contagious environment. Hence it felt justified to blame the source of infection from the  reservoir. Prior to the holiday to Lombok, we are already feeling sickly but since we have made reservations and actually paid for it, we just had to go.

Naturally we did not enjoy the break as much. Don’t get me wrong – Lombok is a very beautiful, scenic and picturesque place. However, we kinda fell victim from one scam to the other especially relating to taxi fares or whatever fees we had to pay. Everyone became suspicious. I had to wonder before setting foot at a place or before asking for directions – ‘gosh.. would they ask me to pay if I ask them this question?’ Its that sort of paranoia. It seems that I am not alone as recently 3 malaysian backpackers share the same frustration of being scammed in Lombok.

Anyway, throughout that period of being sick I think Mr Husband and I shared almost 6 strips of paracetamol between ourselves, a bottle of cough syrup, a strip of antihistamines and loads of vitamin c tablets. I tried to refrain from taking antimicrobials for myself as I know this is a viral illness – the muscle aches, headaches and irritability were scoring high on the sick board. I get terribly annoyed at my patients too because they get to have sick leave. I had to be ONCALL!!!! I had to intubate patients whose aspirates kept pouring out of the oesophagus. Bugger.. the food looked like old curry – I wanted to vomit I had to ask my Medical Assistant (MA) to take over.

I even had my blood tested twice on intervals because I was concerned for dengue fever. The results turned out fine. I surrendered my little veins for a cannula insertion and IV drip during one of my calls as I felt my head was exploding. I still have the bruise on my hand after 1 week.

I had anosmia. My food tasted bland although in reality it was way way salty. Mr Husband had no choice but to gulp down the masin nasi goreng. 

Thankfully I can see signs of myself recuperating. Muscle pains and little sniffles are still around but it does feel better. We are happier, less annoyed. I have to be at least 80% operational and mentally prepared for my oncall this weekend. Huhu..

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