Mini Project : 5R at home

The country has been implementing new rules when it comes to household waste handling. There’s a lot of effort going into RECYCLING your goods and waste.

The intention is good. I want it to remain pure and beneficial.

ppt recycle

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5R at home

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While I sort my rubbish for ‘free’ – I understand that some people collect and sell these recyclable items in return for cash. I don’t mind. Take them if you need the money for yourself or for a fund.

But please do not turn my garbage inside out, making a mess while at it for I have also made the extra effort to keep my waste manageable, sorted and clean for my local waste handlers to pick it up. It’s a form of RESPECT to their jobs as this is how they earn a living and put food on the table.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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