Organizing Diabetes Day 2022

Planning and organizing this programme was a learning curve.

Human resource stuff. Funding stuff. Logistic stuff. Part of my miscellaneous task includes printing out certificates, present hunting and creating montage. This is my first time using Canva to create videos. I had no idea you could make one so easily. I am contemplating getting the Pro version. I was swayed to get Spotify Premium just for this event as I wanted background music to always play while participants were registering. So now there’s no more music interruption on Spotify and I can download my tracks to play offline.

One of the most valuable lessons was in communication. Learning how to talk to the boss, and team members (the good and the bad), physical communication, and online communication..

  1. The beginning is always the hardest, once it looks easy, more people want to be part of it.

    2. Teamwork Works when the Core Members are strong

    3. Sometimes you have to be authoritative in your approach.
    Saya nak ni. Saya nak tu
    Sediakan bla bla bla

    4. A multidisciplinary programme requires skills to not only work with the leaders of other units but also to overcome issues pertaining to the Generation Gap. Aged members or those too young may not understand where your ideas are coming from.

    5. Having said that, we cannot change how other leaders choose to run their units. Especially when the practice is ‘ memang biasa kita buat mcm ni’.

    6. Organizing a programme/outreach is fun when you have Money, Human Resources and No Redtapes. Nak pinjam board utk tampal poster promosi pun kena surat seminggu before programme. In the end, I used my Elaun keraian to support the programme. I printed out our own certificates using my trusted Brother printer at home.

    7. Patients can change. Patients can improve with the right psychological state and an appropriate biological intervention

    7. Malaysians enjoy free things – so we prepared mini goodies to bring back home.

    8. To lead means having the skills to delegate – knowing who can do what task. Failure to do so results in the head shouldering most of the responsibilities. For some people we give instructions, and they can carry out and consult back accordingly. Some need to have their work scrutinized with frequent checks.
    Let’s just say that I learned my lesson.

    9. Creativity means different to different people. What you imagine/envision may not be properly interpreted by some. So, if the results are acceptable, you kinda learn to just shut one eye.

    10. Show up and face the challenges
The award recipients and The Team

I submitted our event to the International Diabetic Federation committee for consideration to be featured on their site. We will see how it goes.

With god’s will, we will plan more activities for Hypertension and Asthma next year.

S4Ep14 – a Minci Moss production

In an interview, Suga BTS was once asked if he was given a chance, which song would he like to record or again or remaster as they call it. Namjoon made an educated guess by saying that Suga would record none. To him, whatever was produced at the time was the best version and effort they have put into the piece. I understood his point.

You should always create an output, even in daily life, your best. The best meal. The best of yourself and others. Of course, there are times when you are not at your best but always do something that will make you proud in the future. It will not be perfect but it will showcase your personal growth in mind and matter.

There are plenty of tips online on how to grow your Youtube channel. The most popular one I came across from a lot of video gurus is to be consistent in your uploads. Some even suggest daily uploads of anything. I don’t think I could do that as it will compromise quality and what I hope to show on my channel. So, this is the best I can do – weekly or 2 weekly uploads.

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A bora farewell

Farewells are inevitable. Personal goals may collide with organizational missions, conflicts occur and one has to prioritize what is important for all. This month 2 of my colleagues are leaving. One due to family commitment and the other due to contract issues. I was deeply saddened by the latter because it was a difficult choice to make. I know I wouldn’t have the courage to resign from MOH. I’d be totally lost on what to do.

Not that I haven’t been thinking of resigning. It is still in my alternative goals in 10 years’ time. In fact, I have cut it down to 9 years now – I just have to make it work. As long as I am not taking on new financial burdens and keeping my expenditures at an acceptable amount, I would be OK to resign at the expected date.

The initial reason being I thought there will come a time when I may need to serve my elderly parents, and tend to their needs while bringing up my own kids. With mom passing, leaving only my dad the pressure is less on that part since he is kind of dating someone (secretly) right now. So that future stepmother better rises to the occasion when the time comes. Jgn nak kikis harta je tau. Dah kenapa tiket bas pun my father has to buy for you.

In a way, the intention to resign now is maybe so that later I could help my mother in law to care for not only my father in law (or herself) if she falls ill but also my ‘fruit children’ on both sides if the situation calls for it. It’s like if Nora needs a babysitter for Aurora, I could help her. Or if Kona needs someone to shuttle her kids somewhere, I could do that too. If my brother needs to go somewhere, then I will go with them. Macam tu lah..

but to do that, I need a solid financial standing first. And I’d like to have that MAsters (at least) in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Ada rezeki, we pursue a PHD.

My role in this farewell party is very menial. I just compiled the video clips and make them into one. I need to improve the audio though. When I play it without the headphones, it doesn’t sound good on a normal speaker. Why ahhhh..

I was ecstatic when the theme was purple. Bora is a colour so close to ARMY. And BTS of course. They are the Grammy’s this weekend followed by a concert the days after in Vegas. As much as I want to buy the online streaming ticket (ada ke? ) I decided not to, in respect of Ramadhan. Let’s liven up the days and nights with ibadat instead. Plus I have an exam on the 12th and 13th.

Then, I can go crazy. lol.

Starting 2022 with the past

It was a mini celebration for the kid’s birthdays. To be honest, I still feel lemau and not up to socializing but for the fam – I will fight No Mood and get on with it. As a Youtube amateur, I managed to create more than 1 video for 2021. I was aiming for 10 but it was harder than what I perceived. The motivation needs to be there on top of great organization skills.

Afterwards, I need to get a pen and paper to sort my thoughts. The brain cells are a bit chaotic up there. I decluttered the blog’s followers the other day. I discovered that most of them seemed like bot accounts, a few were inactive and some appeared dodgy. So, I am back to nil followers today and see if the content I put in writing here is worth new subscribers in the upcoming months.