I had a choice to be mean to Dominos Pizza …. but I didn’t

I ordered Pizza for dinner from my local Dominos. My son wanted their chicken lasagna and I was craving for its beef pepperoni. I clicked the items online, parting out the correct amount of cash on the table and waited for the rider to come by and bring me the pizza.

In less than 10 minutes later – a call came through. It was from the branch manager. She informed me that my order will be delayed because the stove seems to have run out of gas. Surely this is not good news to a hungry woman right? The most angry facial expression I could do at the time was roll my eyes and let out a soft growl at the phone.

My immediate imaginary reaction was of course;

Shout at the manager for not checking on the gas. Demand for compensation. The ‘I want a free bottle of pepsi!! ‘ sort of thing or “I will not pay for the pizza!!‘ .Then when the rider comes – Id just throw back the free coupons to his face. Or again, tell him off for the late pizza and pass my message to my manager to … say… “quit your job if you can’t handle it”. Then to top it all off, I shall write a lengthy complaint letter to the HQ asking for more compensation or threaten them by saying that I’ll make them viral.

Kan??? since viral-ling issues is soooo IN nowadays.. pffttttt

My realistic more composed reaction however decided to face the problem in a different tone;

1.Yes, the ‘gas’ is finished. A similar situation could happen to us at home. Only Dominos could be better in handling these issues as I assume they would have an extra tank of gas nearby. Plus, who could predict when the gas would finish right? Its  inevitable.

2. I should be grateful that the branch manager gave a courteous call to inform me of the delay. She could have just kept me waiting but he decided to ring me up and explain the problem and how they plan to solve it. She also offered a form of compensation without me asking for it first.

3. The messenger is innocent. In this case, the rider. He is already risking his life in the midst of after work rush hour to deliver my pizza. The least I could do is be nice and say Thank You for making it to my home in one piece with warm pizzas. It was not his fault there was ‘no gas’.

4. To make an issue viral may help to speed up reactions in the ‘consumer complaints department’ but from a personal point of view – I feel that it does in a way shows to the public an ugly side of yourself – I mean what if you’re wrong? What if you were the one who failed to understand the situation? Tak ke malu? So.. unless one has exhausted all means to reconcile or solve the problem through appropriate channels.. ‘to viral’ so called news should be the last resort.

I may have finished my duties and work for today – these people may have just started their shift or something – or had a bad day of their own – so lets just be nice and civil to each other kan.. 

*nobody reads blogs anymore nowadays.. so this post could be considered less viral than it is on FB* h aha ha ha..


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