happy fathers day

My father was not a perfect man but in my eyes he was a great father. In fact, any father who could bring the best out of their daughters should be commended.

He taught me and sister good hygiene. He forced us to brush our teeth every time before going to bed. He could tell if we were truly brushing them or just spreading the paste on our lips to get out of brushing them.

He showed us that we could stand on our own two feet – just like any other boy. That we could have proper jobs, that we could earn our own salary and make our own living. He opened roads of discovery and networking so we could learn and be inspired by the best in their fields.

And even once both me and my sister has become moms – he never ceased to forget that we are still his lovely daughters.Always a gift at the right time. There would be an occasional new purse. Or a handbag. Or metered cloth for us to make our baju kurung. In fact, he’d insist on us requesting for special meals when we visit him. Despite us being able to cook for ourselves. LOL.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson that he taught me was independence. Yes, pretend on having to depend on Mr Husband if you must, but keep at the back of our heads on how things operate or are being done. So we could be prepared should the worst of things ever happen to any of us daughters. He also made it clear that being independent is not whole-heartedly defined as being self-sufficient .It is not wrong to ask for help and allow people to help you.

It is only fair that I should thank him for being the righteous, loving and courteous man he could ever me as a father to his daughters.

Thanks Daddy. Happy Fathers Day.

.. and of course to Mr Husband. Happy Fathers Day jugak. No presents but I did make a lovely potato lasagna (inspired by shares on Facebook) for Iftar.


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