Mini Project : Hantar Kad Raya

When was the last time you receive an Eid Card? Because I would like to send you one since I’m feeling quite festive this year.


It’s quite hard to find a cute and fun card lately. I used to get one that looks like an ATM Machine and gives out fake rm50 notes. Ha ha. Oh.. where can I find a Memory Lane like shop here? I’ll have to make do with the traditional mosque, serious-y cards for now.

But I will keep on searching. Just like birthday cards.. if I ever stumble on a cute one, I will buy it and store it – to be used for future birthdays! I am still looking for independent local illustrators who designs postcards so I could buy some for my postcrossing projects.. LOLz..

If you are keen to participate in this project, PLEASE SEND ME   AN EMAIL  HERE!

This offer is only open to residents living in MALAYSIA. Open to 15 slots only.

It is FREE

You will get pretty stamps

You will read happy stuff on the card


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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