Hunting for the perfect planner

You know at moments when you are indecisive on how to proceed. For instance in choosing a planner for 2017.. then you get help from The Hand Above. My 800 ml water bottles cap somehow went loose and a whole lot of water spilt inside my work bag.

I was devastated to see my previous beautiful plans destroyed as I use dakwat basah. Even my future plans to say, go hair rebonding with my sister is missing. Wait, whats my anniversary date again? Its written in the ruined planner!!


So I had to start hunting and listed down my criterias of a perfect planner;

  • A5 or A6 size – so I could put it in my bag carefully now and travel with it
  • cute but serious-like. confusing rite?
  • ring bound so I could change my inserts and have dashboards in between schedules
  • if possible, a zip clear bag to hold receipts and stuff
  • plenty of pockets for my paper clips and sticky memo
  • not too pricey – I was looking for something less than rm 150
  • yet not too common – i don’t think I want to see another person using that same watermelon planner
  • I can buy online instead of flying to Australia or scoot off to Kuala Lumpur

Yeah.. that’s about it. I have shortlisted a few options but I’m still blog-hopping to read reviews on dori’s, kikki, filofax and stuff. I am even considering bullet journaling but I have smacked myself once – just so I could make a mental note that ‘minci.. kau tuh bukannya ada masa sgt nak bullet bagai‘. So.. until I get a new journal – its free printables for the time being. Any suggestions?


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