The confidante. The bosom friend

Why do we choose to confide in certain people when we want to share a secret? Or vent your frustrations? Or spill out your problems? Why do we share happy news with only a group of people and not the rest of the world? And why at most times do we keep selected things to ourselves and not whisper it to a single soul?

We share with him because;

  • He can bring that change and make things better for everybody
  • He is the one with the authority to do so
  • He is neutral and can impart a non biased opinion
  • He has the experience and he knows how to deal with it

We share with her because;

  • She can amplify the joy by telling more people about it
  • She has gone through the experience before and is more than happy to show you the ropes
  • She’s friends with him
  • She wants to get you the right sorta help

Often when one is confronted with a problem, they sometimes actually have a certain solution in mind. They just need to find another version of themselves to give them that vote of confidence to pursue what they’ve always wanted.

On other occasions, they just need a shoulder to lean on. Or undivided attention.

And if its news of joy – they need a human loudspeaker to help them spread the word.


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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