“listen to my heartbeat”


It looks like The Avengers and Wolverine doing some sort of ritual there. Apparently they’re seeking power from The Mummy in grey (it’s a correction tape actually) to fight their enemy. This is all according to Ee. I love how he uses his imagination to play. I love it more when he includes me in them. Well.. more like he borrows my stuff.

This month I am again disappointed with my negative UPT despite being late. Like really late. I am almost convinced that I have thyroid disease. Takut nak check. Just the other day I had severe palpitations when the Emergency Bell at work rang. I was in the oncall room resting a bit after my oncall just before I commute back home. 45 mins drive. The palpitation was so bad I could feel my head spinning. I think I counted my pulse manually to be 140. It was a regular pulse. Terkejut kot tgh deep sleep. Thank God I did not faint or anything. But even if I did, I was sleeping fully clothed with the doors not locked. Just in case – you know – people could barge in if they get worried that I have yet to leave the room for hours.

Anyway, it’s OK. I’m sure God has better plans. Perhaps it is not the right time yet to conceive. Plus I still have Ee and I hope he won’t stop hugging me and manja2 with me as he grows up. Mummy lappp uuuu.. 

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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