A filler post until I get back on track

More than 10 days without a blog post despite having everything planned and laid out. Minci.. minci… tsk tsk tsk.. I was to write about my Langkawi holiday. I haven’t even started drafting the posts. Not even editing pictures.

Truth is, ever since I returned from my trip I have been swamped with things at work. And when you’re oncall on a weekend, it kind of disrupts the whole schedule. Laundry gets postponed, meal prep is out of the window because you just couldn’t be bothered. Especially when all you wanted to do was spend time with the husband and son. Then there’s this psychological need to conserve energy because you know that you’re the type of person when being oncall means sleepless nights and being on your feet the whole day.

On a side note – I decided to jump into the Goblins boat. Will write something on that too. How could you not love stories like this one. The soundtracks are just as amazing.


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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