Good Things Happen, when you least expect it

I just woke up from a nap I really needed since yesterday.

I had a long journey escorting my patient from one state to another in the ambulance. It’s one of those I really wanted to go trip that I forbid everybody else to take over. Simply because

  1. I know it will be a long journey. The colleague who is going to take over might have plans. I know I don’t have anything special going on in the later part of the day.
  2. I wanted to see how the particular procedure is done at the specialized centre
  3. It would be nice to get out of the hospital once in a while
  4. It would be nice to eat someplace different for lunch.. hoho

Thankfully, the journey was uneventful and fruitful all the same. It was very inspiring to see all these great minds being very passionate and hardworking in their daily duties. I could never become a cardiologist!

The patient himself must have done really good deeds as everything seems to work in his favour. It’s like The Universe saying it is not your time to die today. The world and your family still needs you.

I finally reached home at 745PM. Thinking that I had quite an exhausting day for a pregnant lady, I thought I could sleep well last night. Unfortunately, I had back pain with episodic leg cramps for at least a few hours prior to midnight.

Consequently I woke up feeling groggy and horrible. I was tempted to take Emergency Leave or at least go in the night shift. But since we have a visiting consultant coming in every Wednesday.. it would be a waste to not be present during teaching. So I dragged myself out of bed, forced a coconut bun and coffee into my mouth for breakfast and drove to work.

Coincidentally, my boss was there in the morning. He asked what time I came back to the hospital and surprise – SURPRISe he said, “ there’s a lot of people here today, take half day off after 12PM “

I did not argue. Ha ha ha.. good things do come when you least expect it.


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