The Pilgrimage

My parents.

Dijemput menjadi tetamu Allah this year. As children, we pray for their health and well being whilst in tanah suci. 

Mummy and Daddy received a call from Tabung Haji 2 weeks before today. Saying that they have been selected to be on the standby list. Needless to say, it was almost confirmed so a lot of preparations were done up to this day.

The jemaah were requested to report themselves at the Tabung Haji complex in Kelana Jaya  by 1000am. Hence, we departed from our home at 0730am. By the time we reach there, the place was nearly congested. It was a good thing that we arrived early as there were ample time to get themselves registered, checked in and a brief breakfast.


Mr Husband was a bit puzzled because none of us cried (except the parents, of course). I don’t really know how to respond. We just don’t cry in public? Unless in severe pain or sadness? I guess? Can I cry later? In my sleep?

InsyaAllah they will be back by 6th of October. InsyaAllah..


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