Mission marah laki aborted for 3 reasons…

Initially I wanted to write about the 26 things I SUPER hate about my husband and the list goes on sorta post, but mission soon got aborted. Like really, that 26 things is newly compiled since I gave birth to Ninie till now. The things he did, he said.. and what not. The stunts that drive me up the wall, the words that made me cry while washing the dishes, the actions that made me want to have cancer and just die. Yeah.. it can be that bad.

But like I said, Mission aborted. WHY?

Because ONE, I thought of the good things he did.

TWO, Because I made an effort to put a rationale to every single thing that he did. Like he is stressed with his study module and the only way he knows how to vent is towards his little, cute, pretty, very patient wife. He doesn’t scream or shout or smack me in the face or anything. It’s that tone. The sarcasm that kills me. And did I mention how his silent treatment hurts just as bad? Still its OK, Minci can overcome this.

Usually, I’ll just draw a stick version of him in my journal and conteng like voodoo. Or pray that people say he looks fat or something (he dislikes being called berisi – cause once he reaches home.. he’d be on an intensive exercise regime to burn off the fat). Sometimes I pray he’ll come face to face with a bitch he can’t handle. Of course, he would say he was the better one bla bla bla.. but I know.. ko terseksa kan sebenarnya… huhuhu.

Finally, THREE – he just told me he bought me two new bags and some other Kawaii stuff too from Japan. So, I bersyukur  and kept the list away first. perhaps I should wait until there’s 30 on it.


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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