Ee’s first day of school

The first day of school is also any parents second worst nightmare. I was worried that Ee couldn’t adjust to the idea of keeping to time and following the rules. He still doesn’t understand the concept of money and change. To him, anything that is RM1 is cheap. so when he goes to the co-op and saw a RM1 sharpener – to him it is a bargain. I, on the other hand, almost got a heart attack. Nasiblah duit belanja dia RM2 je sehari.  I also hope that he wouldn’t upset anybody in his class or the bigger kids in school. BUlly still remains the number one thing I’m afraid of.

We had an Orientation Day a few days before formal schooling starts. Apart from getting the kids to be familiar with the surroundings of the school – parents were also briefed on the basic rules and regulations of the institution. At the end of the day, it’s all about working together as a team so the children of tomorrow could have a bright future.

EE is still enjoying school so far. Weird how he’d say “yeay.. yeay.. pergi sekolah” every morning. His favourite subject so far is Science but thats because the teacher is hilarious. He said the teacher will punish them with hugs and kisses if they forget their homework or books. LOL.


1st day of school with a special request Bento : Spaghetti

In the afternoon, he goes to the Religious School where he learns about Islam and Quran. The school is like 10 steps from the grandparents house. Just beside his old kindergarten too, practically within the same compound.


His not so secret admirers. who were looking for him in preschool only to discover that he’s in big boy school now.



overall, he enjoys school but yeah, I need to work on a few things. for instance;

  1. To be more alert of his surroundings : it’s either he is pekak or he just doesn’t register certain things in his head
  2. To be less forgetful – almost always it’d be like he forgot what he learnt that day or who that teacher was. nasiblah tau jamban kat ne
  3. Not to trust strangers – I was giving him scenarios of people trying to pick him up from school and people offering food. twist skit citer, terus ikut masuk van.
  4. Spending money wisely – oh boy, this is going to be tough.


All in all, this  is a learning curve for me too. huhu..


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