General Election #14


I am a young mother with 2 kids. 20180509_151315.jpgI am a working mother at that  – a medical doctor. I have parents who are already in the Warga Emas category. I also have younger siblings in the belia category.

This year I voted. For the second time. In favour of the better, likeable manifesto which I feel could benefit the rakyat as a whole.



Pakatan Harapan (PH) with Tun-Minator

Tun Dr Mahathir is 93 years old. It is a rare sight to see nonagenarian patients like himself and his wife walk into my clinic and still remain sharp. Still walking without a stick or Zimmer frame. Some, as young as 60 is already in a wheelchair with their children demanding for a fast lane walhal semalamnya baru dapat jalan2 kat pasar malam.

Tun has been dubbed a lot of mean names. To me however, he is the reason why I am proud to walk on the streets of Manchester as a student because muslims there love Mahathir. MAHATHIR VERY GOOD, they would say. 5 seconds later, you are their favourite Sister. LOL.

I think people got tired of the lies and the high living cost after the GST was implemented. PH offered a way out. I also hope that they would keep their word to strictly ensure the minimum wage of RM1500 AND for that wage to be equal in both Semenanjung and Sabah/Sarawak.


The RAHMAN prophecy has been fulfilled. Its time for the MAHATHIR prophecy. LOL. 10.05.2018  – history has been made. I think I am more interested to know who the Cabinet Ministers are now that we’ve changed government. Can’t wait for the official announcement.


Interestingly, Sarawak (which is where I come from) is now under the governance of the Opposition Party. Ha ha ha. Well, if Barisan Nasional thinks they can do a good job – they’d better prove it on my yearly visits back to Kuching. I want better roads for the people, better access to healthcare, job opportunities and education and what not. In a way, it could be a blessing for Sarawak, IF lah, BN want to prove themselves.

PH for a better Malaysia. InsyaAllah.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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