A line from the movie Widow

I was watching this movie called Widow. There was a scene in church. The priest was giving out this speech, voicing out his frustration of how people are so complacent, not willing to thrive & strive for success. And a sentence resonated with the current social climate of my country,

“.. Ignorance is now Excellence..”

and I could not agree more

Recently, I received a complaint for a minor problem blown out of proportion. After hearing out what the problem was, I could not help thinking,

… if you as a child grazed your knee and elbow while learning how to ride a bike, could just get up and apply an antiseptic ointment on the wound – why would it be any different once you become an adult. This is on the condition that the wound is relatively the same size and acquired via the same mechanism – only difference being the vehicle is a motorbike. Dah kenapa plak badan dah besar nak mintak org bukak dressing set and cuci a wound that you could have easily do at home. It is not that I did not provide you with a medical certificate for you to rest at home and recuperate.

And these people act like I chop up their leg. Sheesh.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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