Flight of thoughts

It is 0440H in Ramadhan. I usually wake up at 0445H to prepare Sahur. My brain is speeding on the right lane of the highway at the moment. My daughter just woke me up about an hour ago asking for milk. I got a bit crossed that my sleep was interrupted at an odd hour and so after I mixed her milk, I made myself a cup of coffee. I am now buzzing with caffeine.

I checked the OUM portal again to see if the exam results are out.

I revised my blog drafts.

I looked at my string lights and wonder why aren’t they as ‘energetic’ lately – is it because we do not have much solar energy lately?

And then I had this eureka moment to start a fundraising effort to buy a washing machine for my clinic. It is an old machine and have been broken beyond repair for some time. Hence, my PPK’s have been washing the clinics laundry at the nearby clinic. My matron has been requesting a new machine from the district health office but was never granted. So, maybe it is time we take things into our own hands.

However now is a tough time (COVID-19), I need to think about how to make a collective activity with social distancing in mind. Hmmm.. just let me sit on it and put my thinking cap on.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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