What are your stress factors at the moment

Listing down mine in no particular order;

  • I have one final assignment to submit
  • I have semester exams next week
  • My husband snores (terribly) at night – it bugs me sometimes because it takes a while for me to fall asleep and it is challenge for me to get past that snore.
  • I am on lunch call this week
  • I will be at the rural clinic next week (again!)
  • I am still overweight – I eat when I’m stressed.
  • I have mask acne and its not something that I need right now – so I did a beauty haul on Hermo. Waiting for the shipment of products to arrive.
  • I am on my period (urgh)

With reference to the one in bold, I think that is why I don’t feel anything when my husband will be posted to a different state for his specialist placement. At least, I get like 4 peaceful night of sleep and bear with the other 3 nights. I can’t really use ear plugs cause then I won’t be able to listen to the alarm when it goes off or if intruders (god forbid) tries to sneak in. We had a fox coming into the house when we first moved in. It got in from god knows which hole in the house. So far we haven’t seen it again but we do smell it from time to time. It smells of pandan leaf.

I am also redecorating our master bedroom. I shifted the furnitures, did some decluttering. Aiming to do more after the exams. At the moment, I am ordering via Shopee new bedsheets and blinds. I am hoping to find some time to buy a bit of paint for the rooms. It will be my sanctuary to relax and forget about my husbands snoring. I could actually create a playlist for it.

I am thinking a pastel blue for Ee, tropical theme for Haneem and a purplish-grey-pink thing for my own bedroom. The ‘gym’ will be a mix of maybe orange and red (oh god.. need to rethink about that. As for my study, it’ll be probably purple-minty-cream sorta vibe. I don’t know. I have yet to decide.

I honestly just want to sleep and not give a care about other people. I need a massage where the masseuse doesn’t talk to me or comment on my C-section scar. I want a facial where I don’t end up like a lobster at the end of it. I want to get on with decorating my home and all.

I think I need to take leave.

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