A short message from the lady boss

Sy ucapkan terima kasih pd semua staff sy yg byk berkorban masa, tenaga dan mental stability dlm menangani masalah skrg. Sy dpt rasakan betapa sukarnya semua bertugas dlm pandemic covid ni. Yg di rrt, cac, triage, pkrc, klinik.
Minta maaf atas semua kecelaruan yg berlaku.

Anggaplah komuniti suka pd kita di kk** ni yg baik, sopan , sabar dan prihatin rakyat.

Keep up yr good work.
DG pesan kita kn kuat lawan situasi yg lebih buruk akan dtg.

Tq semua. 🌹

This was a message sent by my Family Medicine Specialist (FMS), our lady boss, in our clinic’s watsapp group. She was thanking all of us from cleaners to doctors for doing a wonderful job during the pandemic. She demonstrated empathy towards our busy schedules and even made an apology for mishaps that happened beyond her control. She reminded us to serve in the best way we can to the community and always have the right intentions in accomplishing our duties. The message ended with another thank you and a rose emoji.

This was perhaps one of the very few heartfelt messages I have ever read or received from a superior. In a way it made us feel that we are not forgotten and that we are all weathering the same storm together. That she has her own role in this matter and us with ours. It felt good and inadvertently energized everybody to give their very best.

I hope that she will train more leaders like herself to create a better working culture environment for the future. I think most of our Malaysian organizations need that.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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