Filling my cup with self love

I have a full September in my work schedule. To make it worse, I did not slot in any planned annual leave day this month. I should rest a bit in October. I could feel that I don’t have much to pour from my cup. I should do something about it now. I need to fill my cup with self love.

if you feel drained, why not do less rather than trying to do more?

care less, worry less, make it less tough, and take a rest

-Suga, 24.02.2020 on Weverse


What is the point of having a husband if you are not going to depend on him, right? *grin* Although I know where to bring my car for its service and maintenance, I decided not to do it this time. I delegated the task to the husband and be direct about it. No room for discussion. The request went something like,

“are you free this saturday?


“bring my car for service and tyre checking”


That means I have successfully sealed the deal. And he paid for the it. *double grin*


Ever since I am recruited into the vaccine mobile team, my daily OOTD has been scrubs. I had a one week break this week. I wanted to dress up. I went clothes shopping online at Shopee. It has been almost 2 years since I bought a new work outfit and hijab. I used to enjoy going to Scarlet at AEON shopping mall but that is an activity not quite happening in the near future. The haul included 2 pairs of baju kurung kedah, 3 long skirts, 16 scarves, 4 inner scarves and cosmetic products from South Korea. I nearly bought some electronic gadgets. I had my eye on the BT21 wireless keyboard and mouse. Thankfully, I still had some self control. I did an Instagram reel of my Shooky blusher and lipstick.

I applied make up for work. Which is a rare occurrence as I am usually bare faced. I don’t even use moisturiser but this week, I did the full cleanser, toner, essence and moisturiser thing. Then, the foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, blusher and lipstick. At night, I indulge in another round of toner and moisturising routine before bed while having a leg massage using the Gintell mini machine. I would have dyed my hair too but it takes up a lot of precious energy and enthusiasm.

I tried hard to dress up as a medical officer working in primary care. LOL.


I did some journaling over the weekend. I used my new stickers and washi tape. I wrote and wrote in my 5 year hobonichi techo. It was therapeutic. I also changed the theme of my study blog, NotaMinci. It needed a face lift. After all, Semester 6 is starting and I needed to get a clear head to kick it off. I haven’t got everything worked out yet but the mess is untangling bit by bit.


The latest one with SUBs is episode 151. Malaysia was mentioned briefly in the previous episode as they played the Capital game. It came as no surprise when BTS could not guess the capital of Malaysia. They got confused with Indonesia, our cousin. Haha. But they did remember having been to Kota Kinabalu some time ago. It was a very santai episode with the guys doing whatever it is they’d like to do on a staycation. Eat, sleep and relax sort of thing. Reminds me that I haven’t been on a staycation for quite some time. I dread packing up for it though and the load of laundry that comes after. The work of a mother doesn’t stop at staycations.


Perhaps it’s the progesterone as I am approaching ovulation day. Soon. There is an intense craving towards sweet things like chocolate and soda. It’s like ‘whatever, I nak makan’. So I bought the Cadbury fun packs where there is an assorted mix of mini chocolate bars. The calories felt less with each bite.

As for yourself, what do you do to show that you love yourself?

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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