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This phase of my life is called Frustrated. Occasionally calmed down by Red Velvet. Loved this piece. Classic-ish yet K-Pop ish.

I have a house which initially has 3 functioning toilets. And it now goes down to one because both toilets have leaks that have yet to be fixed. It becomes more frustrating that the leak is seeping into the walls and is driving me insane. Because the floors are getting wet. My wooden shelves are ruined. Soon, the wiring would be affected and I’d have to give up my study area.

If I wait it out, for an intervention to somehow intervene itself, I might smash down the walls myself. Robohkan terus bilik belakang. The one month grace period of waiting is over. Need to play dumb and waste money by hiring blood-sucking contractors just to get the job done soon.

I do not need this kind of stress. Benda dah elok, godek, jadi macam ni.