December is a month to party

Life is always fun all year round. Workwise, it’s about closing on the accounts, updating targets and planning for the new year. I am just excited to get the programmes going for 2023. It is also my final year in OUM although I think I’ll graduate by 2024 cause there is no way I am able to fit in all my subjects in just 3 semesters. Especially when your limit is only 12 credits per semester. I mean once I submit my Industrial Training paper, can I request additional subjects to take?

December started with the WAD celebration at the clinic.

Then it was my son and niece’s birthday bask followed by a farewell party for my 4 other colleagues.

I have my exams next week. And then there will be one final course to organize in the last week of December after another party at my sister’s house on the 25th. Can you feel the joy already?

I bought a chocolate cake for my son. As always from my favourite bakery in Melaka, Italy Cake House. The cake was called Devil Temptation. It was nice, not too sweet or bland. I got him a Portugal jersey and a mini-ball (FIFA vibes). For my niece, I got her a few dresses and hair clips. On Saturday, the whole family went to watch Mechamoto. That requires a different post altogether.

Since I had a Zoom meeting, I couldn’t really join my friend’s farewell from the beginning. But I still get to have the food and join in the games. I wish my colleagues huge good luck in their future endeavours. They are really fun people. My contribution to this farewell is as usual the video part. Gosh… I want to be on the decoration committee next time. ha ha ha. But I actually enjoyed putting the video together. Must start planning for next year’s Doctor’s Day, Awareness Days and Farewells. I super love the green theme for this farewell party. There are lots of colours to explore in the coming years.

Friends at work are getting more creative with their videos which is a delight.. Looking forward to more of these..

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