Kitchen clean up

I was in the mood to declutter my kitchen today.

I collected all those white takeaway containers in one bag. Then, I put aside this set of white-blue dinnerware and placed it on the table. I am planning to give it to my brother. He just moved into his own humble abode at Salak Tinggi. I’ve also filtered certain tumblers I could give away as a present as they are still new.

It was a very tiring Sunday. I did not have much energy to cook for lunch. Hence, I ordered Mcdonald’s for myself and the kids. Mr Husband is working today. I did cook dinner though – we had white rice, chicken paprik and an omelette. Then, kek batik for dessert.

I still have lots of glass jar bottles to wash before I send them to the recycle centre sometime this Wednesday or Thursday. Next weekend I am thinking of working on the Guest Room.

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