Heading to Jalan Yang Kurus

Having a BIG WHY definitely helps you in the weight loss journey. I have been on an on-off mission for this purpose since my first pregnancy more than 10 years ago. and now I am at it again for the year 2023. I have started since early December 2022, to kickstart the motivation to do so. Hoping to gain momentum in the new year.

My Big WHY

Better photos

I love taking pictures but ever since I looked like liquid paper or lemon on a stick, I do not take delight in such activities anymore. I’d be wearing a really nice outfit but it doesn’t look as flattering as how it should be in real life. Having said that, it is also very difficult to shop for new clothes when you’re petite and a bit on the plump side. Unless I have my attires tailor-made but who’d have time for that. It’s like the upper half of my body is an XL but my lower half is still petite, only with a bigger waistline.

This kind of explains my work wardrobe. I haven’t been able to fit into my baju kurung nicely and I have a lot of nice ones. the bulges at different parts of the body are distracting. therefore, I buy more blouses for my workwear. Let’s hope I can fit back into my baju kurung by the end of the year.

My brother will be getting married by probably July next year. So that is another motivating factor. You don’t want to look like cempedak. Or is it nangka? I need to look like the noona and not an ahjumma.

Better Health

I believe if you are mindful of the food that you choose to eat – you’ll not only lose weight but also benefit from the nutritious meals you prepare for yourself. Better complexion, stronger bones and an improvement in general well-being. When it comes to consuming a proper diet, you’d have to be on a calorie deficit to shed the extra kilograms. Exercise may help but 80% of it is food. As diabetes and hypertension run in the family, this also means I have to take great care of my health. I do not want these diseases to set in too early.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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