Vaccine Mobile Team

I have been absorbed into the vaccine mobile team at my current workplace. Somehow, my superior is convinced that I could contribute well as a vaccinator considering my previous participation as one in my past clinic. At the moment, the vaccine mobile team plays a role in going to the potential vaccinees who are having difficulties to go to the vaccination centre themselves. These group of people are usually part of the marginalized community. So far, the government mobile teams have been going to old folks home at nearby areas. This correlates with the objectives of PICK’s 2nd phase of vaccinating the elderly population and those with medical comorbidities. Soon, this service will be extended to those living in the very rural areas of the country, prisons and others.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is also working closely with medical NGOs like IMARET and MERCY Malaysia to materialize these efforts. Once these NGOs can work independently, these outreach activities will be delegated to them so as the MOH team could concentrate on their respective vaccination centres.

Last week I shadowed my senior counterpart in learning the ways on how to manage these sessions. Starting from making the line-listing on Excel, ordering the vaccines and checking on the team for the day. The vaccine mobile team will consist of one medical officer, an assistant medical officer and two nurses. I have to learn everything as fast as I can on that day cause I will be on my own next week for 3 days in a row. I hope I don’t screw up. Allah, help…

I had the opportunity to meet up with the MERCY volunteers as well. Bless their soul for participating in the programme in their free time. They have a heart of gold. PICK is scheduled to go on till next year. Like it or not, the world needs to accept the new normal.


The unnie of the maknaes at work

I sent in an application for a workplace transfer last year in October. A nearby new government clinic was in dire need of a workforce and I wasn’t really feeling at ease at the clinic I was working at. I remembered having crystal clear determination to leave my then workplace and fill up the form. All I yearned for was a vote of confidence from someone whose opinion mattered. My husband did just that and urged me to go ahead with my decision. 6 months later I received a phone call from the office and my request was fulfilled. In return, my old workplace received two medical officers as a replacement.

My reasons to apply for the transfer were;

  1. It was a new clinic – the system in place will be one brought up from scratch. If the leader sets it right, it will be a great place to work in. I was hoping for that great system. Which means I am also willing to work under an in-house specialist to experience and play a better role as a primary care provider. Perhaps there is an opportunity to become a better medical officer there.
  2. Location, location, location – although it is situated in a very busy area (schools), it is fairly near to my house. I believe that it will cut short my commuting time to and fro from work. My father in law also had it all figured out. His grandchildren will be schooling at the nearby secondary school once they reach that age. These kids are only 9 and 10 years old by the way.
  3. Meet new people – I have come to a point where I feel I need a change in my environment so I could grow and maintain a tank of healthy emotions. I can’t seem to prosper in the current circle – this is not to say that the circle is evil. It is just that I don’t feel the positive emotions charging. There’s a lot of barriers and negative aura to it.
  4. I want a peace of mind. I don’t want to fight for a parking space with patients (and colleagues). I don’t want to fight for a table at work. I want an allocated work space. I want to know where I will be on that day at work. I don’t want a first come, first serve sort of thing. I hate unnecessary competition. It drains my energy. lols.
  5. I anticipate that it will be an interesting place for me to carry out my final year psychology project in 2.5 years time.

I reported for duty early this week. All of a sudden I am like the big kakak. An unnie. It was awkward, to be honest. I have always been on the maknae line at work, and now I am an unnie. And they are calling me unnie, too. Weird, so weird. Come to think of it, I will be 38 this year.

The moment I stepped into the clinic – there was a hint of positivity already. Alongside, the feeling of being valuable. I wish I knew how to explain better. There were lots of smiles everywhere and staff were very diligent in carrying out their duties. It was a very refreshing scene to see everyone exchanging polite greetings and doing their best in their interactions with each other. It felt so honest.

I am beginning to like it here. Of course, this is still the analyzing stage. But I’d really like to prove to the madafaka’s who ridiculed me and said that I’ll regret my choice – that this transfer was the bravest and most worthy decision I have ever made.