Made In China

It has been an intergenerational perception that any product Made In China is of low quality, cheap and uses horrible materials. People don’t see that apart from having the human resources to mass produce something, they are also advancing in technology to keep up with global demand. That means they have the machinery, expertise, raw material and whatnot to give their clients what they want.

Some products are just not meant to last our lifetime. You would expect a fridge to break down after a while from extensive wear. If an item is not breaking down, it would be normal to want to switch or upgrade an appliance, piece of clothing, or anything else. Cause that is what being human is, to keep changing.

You change with time. Your lifestyle today may be different from how it was 3 years ago. Therefore, China’s production of ‘short durability’, kind of makes sense. We lie to ourselves by saying that we want something that will be durable when in fact we would get a new one when we have a chance. Although nowadays their ‘cheap stuff’ has acceptable quality too.





I couldn’t help wondering about this ‘Made In China issue as I watched videos about ‘home organizations’ by Youtubers and Tiktokers from China. The gadgets and appliances they have in their houses are so cute and practical. Most importantly, their products are obviously made in China. I buy a lot of my house products, the organizers and stationeries from Shopee. Most of them ship from China. I daresay that the product befits the price. It fits the marhaen lifestyle.

Of course, users still need to be wary of replica products. I was looking for the FIFA mascot keychain and was about to place an order, but stopped short. What if it comes through the mail with ugly eyes instead of cute. I would cry.