Election Day 2022

It’s voting time again. I had thought that we could go to Selangor as a family after my husband completed voting, and we hang out at the new IOI Putrajaya after lunch. But that did not happen. I went to my voting poll alone. Driving alone. Thankfully, I just serviced my car by calling a mechanic over to my house a few days before.

I used the POMEN app. Downloaded it through Google Play. Booked the service as early as 630am in the morning for a 2pm slot. He was done with my car in less than an hour and I got to do my house chores too. It costs me a bit more though, just over RM200. I wanted the tree-cutting service to come by too but the man in charge was not responsive. I mean, if I could cut down my own tree, I would have done it but I can’t because of the wires. Dasar jantanzzzz tak guna. Lol, tiber.

I drove from Melaka as early as 8am because it rained too heavily in the early hours. Reached the poll station by 10ish and completed the process in less than 30 minutes. Then, I went to visit my mom’s grave. Baca yassin, doa2 and left. I should do it more often – visiting the grave. It’s very healing. Should bring the kids too.

I set back to Melaka by 1230. The traffic was initially OK but then accidents happen. so to clear the area, there were emergency services and also the PLUS truck. You know that little parade they do when they line up 4 trucks in a row and slow down the traffic so that their team can clear the lanes from debris and all. By the time, I reached Melaka it was about 230pm and I wanted to get the Avocado drinks from MITC but hey, the store’s already shut down. I headed to Batu Berendam instead for the coconut shakes, fried snacks and my kid’s polka dot apam. It was a tiring day. I hope we, Malaysian citizens made the right choice.