INFJ – the best time to call me is text message

Despite MBTI being a viral personality test, in psychology, it is not an accepted (scientific) method to measure personality. Even then, it is quite hard to ignore the accuracy of the interpreted traits of an INFJ. I hate to admit that if I were to read the above, they are all true.

INFJ’s may love solitude but I certainly have rich brain activity. I never feel lonely. I love people but I yearn for private space at the same time. I prefer taking the back seat and cheering for my friends instead of being in the spotlight. I love keeping things simple but intricate.

I found some cute quotes too – horribly true though

if you can make it virtual, let’s do that… or an email or something

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source : ( if I’m not lining up to punch out, that means I had too many people for that week or the week before)
source (reminds me of the time I went to confront the headmaster of my kids school)
source : (you have no idea how many I have killed in my mind)
Source : (this is relevant for my FB posts too)
I have done the disappearing before. when I was single and not married. I drove at night, looking at the lights and ended up checking myself into a hotel. Alone. But content.
Kind of a like a chameleon sometimes…

Bang bang kebaboom

“Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you.”  ―    Cynthia Kersey

Last week ended with a bang. Mr Husband was having some conflict at work which left him fuming for like.. 2 hours. Before he then continued with his daily living at home. Ha ha. I had thought it would all end well but the whole thing seemed to drag itself to this week. Im just hoping that the issue will be settled internally and will not have to go to the higher levels of authority.

To me, its just a clash of personality upon facing a problem. If they are able to look past that and concentrate on the current issue, everything should be OK.

As of my own work, the unit has been on a roll attending to cases walking through the door. This month alone there were a lot of Resus cases leaving me to doubt and ponder on my own management once its done. I have always felt that if GOD threw the same type of case and presentation to my face, it serves as a training drill for me to perfect on my course of action.

It used to be fluid overloaded patients over and over again.

The trend nowadays seems to lean on ACS with cardiogenic shock. And trauma. And asthma. Praying hard at the same time that its not a paedatric patient. At least for another year, please?