Prepare for Ramadhan

Every Feeling Of Hunger,
Every Moment Of Thirst,
Every Intensive Heat,
Every Drop Of Sweat,
Every Grain Of Dust,
Every Exhaustion,

ALL What You Would Feel In Ramadan
Are All Written With ALLAH
And ALLAH Will Not Let Go
The Reward Of Good Dowers


Sungke di Saujana

It was a relatively big turnout for our family & extended family Iftar session today.

And as expected, a huge spread on the table;

  • sugar cane drink
  • sarsaparilla drink
  • white rice
  • ikan bawal masak merah
  • pajeri nanas
  • sayur campur
  • kari daging
  • pucuk paku masak tempoyak
  • dates
  • tepung pelita
  • apam balik
  • sago kueh
  • onde2
  • rambutan


Hmm.. thats about it.