Starting with 12 books a year

“Everything flows, nothing stands still”



Be Objective. Not vague. Nor general. Resolutions have to be objective. Try “I wish to read one book per month” as compared to “I wish to read more books this year”.

2012. The year to make things right, life greater and enriched. Here is Minci’s way of doing it:

5. Read 12 books a year

Which translates into one fictional literature per month. Having been in the medical field for the past 3 years, it has been quite a shame on my part to have read less than 5 books over that period of time. I buy books but I rarely have time to read them. Or is it more like, I dont make time to read them. Now with Baby Zeeq in the picture, this would certainly demand more commitment than what I envisioned it to be. However, to become a good writer, surely one would have to become a reader too, right?

4. Punctual with monthly installments

I wish I could tell to all my creditors, “Its not that I dont have the money, Im just plain lazy”. I will make a list of all the parties I have to pay to every month and make sure they’re paid on time by the 8th each month.

This will also extend towards my yearly income tax and other worldly financial things. LOL.

3. Support a cause

“I really believe when you give to other people, you give to yourself.” — OprahCharity should start at home. There’s this small musolla within the vicinity of our living area which is still under construction. Word has it that there wasnt enough fund to finish the building, rendering it partially functional for the locals to pray and do their daily activities. While I may not be able to provide labour help, the least I can do is to support it financially.

At work, I will get more involved in teaching my junior colleagues. I will share my personal notes (the neat ones) and perhaps get involved in a departmental activity. I choose to deepen and widen my knowledge regarding organ donation in hospital setting.  
2. To maintain bodyweight between 45 – 50kG

1. A special meal on one particular day of the month

Meaning, I’ll get my hands on cooking something complicated or new for the family every month. Like roasted turkey or steak. Perhaps baking my own pastry or host a birthday party. Yes, these should be enough to keep me busy for the whole year.

So, how do you plan to enrich your life this year?  

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