Empower Malaysian Housewives


“I hate the word housewife; I don’t like the word home-maker either. I want to be called Domestic Goddess.”
– Roseanne




Nowadays, while some housewives choose to generate their own side income by working from home, the ones of the pure breed are content to just enjoy leisure time in the comfort of their own home. Nothing wrong with either women. We are free to make our own choices. What bothers me most is the type of TV programme these housewives are made to watch everyday.

I am a temporary housewife [read: on maternity leave] and the things they broadcast on television!! *gasp in horror* . Very few are empowering, enlightening and motivating. Most sadly, portrays a womans vulnerability and weakness. That women cannot do anything to improve themselves etc. That the fairer sex are nothing compared to their male counterpart.

I was watching a movie the other night on Astro. I was drawn to watch it because of its catchy title but inevitably cringed as I saw who the scriptwriter was. In my opinion, her scripts has a lot of death and the women in the story falls short from being strong women. Still, I managed to persevere throughout the whole story although the ending was predictable – the main character died because she was too stupid to think about how to save herself eventhough there were windows and windows of opportunity available. She could have survived if her character wasnt being too hysterical. If she was scripted to use her brain!!

Housewives of Malaysia should be served stories of Diva Universal material in a medium they could understand. Yes, Malay movies with a fighter’s essence to it.Photobucket


Teach them how to overcome failure and abusive relationships, escape from danger, integrate a positive mindset, encourage them to  have hobbies and interest, how to negotiate through a crisis or talk down people who blackmails. Teach them how to speak their mind within the boundaries set! (Not isteri durhaka)Instill in each of them the belief that they are intelligent despite not having high powered jobs. Or raking million of dollars from home businesses.

Through Cerekarama, Slot Akasia, Lestary , Zehra, Astro Ria, Astro Prima – tell these housewives it is not okay for any men to beat them, it is not okay for anybody to belittle them, it is not okay to blackmail. Its fine to showcase what most producers would consider a ‘true story’.. but why not choose to show one that glitters with hope. Where KARMA prevails. Where women comes out as a strong person.

It is time to empower Malaysian Housewives.



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