Vanilla Coklat


“It’s not like a manga where you can say that you accidentally fell and your lips met” – Akira



I wonder if the Malaysian public realizes that Vanilla Coklat is quite a good series. For several reasons;

  1. The scriptwriter is not Sofia J Rhyland
  2. No overlap in lines/scenarios – meaning you dont have a 2 or 3 characters narrating the same incident over and over again. Honestly, this series caught my eye during the 1st episode as Datuk Ahmad introduced his wife as an animal lover only to be follwed by the scene showing her shrieking as she held a cat. Thats a good one.
  3. Its nice to see a story where Malay students take their studies seriously – doing study groups, making it on the Deans list, able to manage time between marriage and class.
  4. Come on.. admit it. Sometimes you couldnt help smiling alone. The story does affect you in a way.

I look forward to more series like Vanilla Coklat. I also wish that there’d be more films like Songlap. When you have an intense scene of crooks chasing each other [read: the part where Am was hunted by Keong] with background music so.. jolly. That is world class film making instead of the usual bangs and boomss..


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