Hating district

“Its like asking a carpenter to fix your sink and asking a plumber to knit you a sweater”

I have a lot of reason to hate my current posting.

I hate clinics. I hate ward rounds. I hate having to see the same patient again and again for their illness ( in clinics). I hate that I have to write up a lot of forms and papers. I hate that our punchcard is under scrutiny always. I hate that I’ve got to be more involved in the admin side of things. I hate that I’ve got to leave home early everyday to go to work. An hour drive everyday to and fro – in a freaking Kancil. Engines gonna die! Engines gonna go up in smoke!

Have I told you that I hate clinics? Ive lost touch into TCA-ing patients, in managing chronic systemic diseases.

True. Anaesthesia too have clinics and ward rounds. But they’re far more interesting!!!

Oh how I wish they’d let me run the little OT everyday. its hard doing something that you like for a year and then forced into not doing it anymore.

but this is district life. What to do. Tadah jelah sampai sangap…

No wait. This does not even qualify as a district hospital because it is still governed by specialists. Its pseudo district. If specialist doesnt know how, they’ll agree to your plan cause it sounds better.

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