Two lessons

 “Let him know you’re happy: I smile whenever I see him. He always knows how thrilled I am that he’s there with me.”

Melanie Griffith, married to Antonio Banderas:


I learnt two things about being a wife that no books or people ever told me – in a way that I could accept.



My first lesson was when I attended a wedding invitation last two weeks. Being a very simple person with lack of interest in being fashionable, I decided to just don on a plain grey blouse matching my also plain grey long skirt with a plain black hijab. My hands were free from jewellery and I had NIL makeup on. Not even a light foundation or a lipstick. Mind you, this is to a typical Malay walimatulurus where people would dress to their nines and be merry.

I was simply taking the easy way out, forgetting that I am now a wife and a mother. Consequently, at the wedding almost everyone especially the older generations had thought that I was an Indonesian maid babysitting for my lady boss. It was awkward and  at that moment realised that I have done injustice to my husband. That I might have brought on a bit of shame towards him. The way I carried myself that day could have made him look like a husband who wasnt able to provide his wife good clothes and jewellery. When in fact, he has bought me the finest of all outfits, fashionable ones to match the pearls and gold he too picked for me.

Hence I learnt that yes, eventhough Islam prohibits us from berhias utk orang lain selain suami but the least I could do when presenting myself to the world is not like an Indonesian maid.

My second lesson was something closer to the heart. I believe that once you’ve sealed the deal in marriage, we must be willing to make changes that could benefit both parties. Improvements towards the a better household and marriage.

Mr Husband made two sounding statements at the early age of our marriage. That he,

doesnt mind if I cant cook


he can iron his own shirts and pants to work

Now that we’ve aged a bit, it came to my own inkling that sooner or later he is going to mind that Im not able to cook up asam pedas a s good as his mom and that he’d want me to iron his shirts to work.

Yes, we must be flexible to want to change/improve. and that was my 2nd lesson.

And I suppose theres more to learn..

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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