The domestic task


“Many marriages would be better if the husband and the wife clearly understood that they are on the same side”
Zig Ziglar

Part of the responsibility as a Wife cum Mother is to provide a home for the family. Most importantly to Mr Husband, believe it or not is to give him a home that feels almost like his home. The nest where he grew up in long before he got married to the wife.

The Task : Recreate that living environment as close as possible while fusing it with wifey’s home living environment.

Yes, up till now I have been living with my inlaws for nearly 3 months. Im honestly not complaining because I really do not have anything against my mother in law. This stay is a Transition Phase as our little family moves from Kuching to Malacca, forever. This phase also serves as an opportunity to myself as I get a sneak peek as to how Mr Husband behaves in his own home.

Alhamdulilah, I managed to gauge the deep and meaningful relationship with his mother. A self-proclaimed ‘anak kesayangan‘.. it was quite clear that his mother is his number one. Not a surprise really for that is what every son should do – honour their mothers. I get that I will always be second. But a Good Second with nothing to lose for Insya-Allah I’ll be Baby Zeeq’s Number One too.

Having got my ‘ranking’ sorted, I later learnt more things about Mr Husband. Mind you, our courting period was very short. We basically dated for a short 4 months, got engaged on month 5 and basically tied the knot by month 8. So, yes.. the things I got to know about himself and his family were pretty much trivial and seemed ‘small’. However, ‘small’ enough to matter and inject that extra happiness and security into our living home.

  • the drinks he loves to consume; yoghurt drinks, tropicana drinks, surprisingly black coffee   for he had always told me that he loved MILO. Not to forget sugar cane drinks from the pasar malam.
  • his fav dishes : anything asam pedas, pucuk masak lemak, sambal related stuff, those indian kuehs, cheesy rings!!
  • choice of brand for house appliances
  • places he loves to frequent
  • his routine on a weekend during stay with family which includes bringing his mother to the pasar to get the weekly poultry and fishes, weekly groceries.

Well, thats to name a few. Tapi kira bolehlah nak… pakei pedoman bila pindah rumah baru kelak.. he he he. Nunggu nak molah rumah jak tok..

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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