Kardashians taught me …

When we have fights in our family, they usually don’t end with an  apology. Instead, you just make up by getting back to normal. Like  you’ll call and say, “You want to go shopping?”

Oprah opened up her mind and heart to see what the hype about the Kardashians were. And she loved this American family. I thought I should do the same.

Prior to watching the E programme : Keeping up with the Kardashians.. this is what I imagined their world would be . A family comprising of funky parents (what with the father wearing a pair of diamond earrings) and daughters/son spoilt by the riches and money around them. After having watched the show however, my perception differed. I was wrong. They were a wonderful family. The Kardashians. Heres the 5 things I learnt;

  • Family is everything. Eventhough you’re step siblings. Despite their individual achievements and world of glamour, they still keep a close tie with each other. they went for family trips, organize Kendels sweet 16 party and attended it!
  • Parenting doesnt stop even when your children doesnt live with you anymore. More Malaysian parents should take note of this.
  • I admired how Bruce takes charge and disciplined his kids. Knowing when to give in and listen. And also strict enough to prevent his children indulging in immoral activities
  • You should not feel guilty of being born with priviledges. With those extras, you are obliged to give back to the people. To think of all those people around you.
  • Do not judge a ook by its cover. One may appear ‘blonde’ but they may have the heart of gold!

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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