SEvo Effect

I was reminded once again of how a postcall life as a bius MO in OT feels like.

The effect of wearing and tearing automatically appears after you leave the air conditioned OT. Knees wobble, feet hurt with every step as you try to battle the calluses and the haggazrdness of being up the whole night. Eyelids droop slowly and every step felt heavier as the minute molecules of left over |Sevoflurane begin to penetrate through the cells.

All plans to go to the admin office or a short shopping trip to The Store diminished as all you could think of is a shower and a bed.

After a gulp of coffee and a hot bath, you sprawl yourself across the bed and within seconds – the Sevo effect kicks in.

While you hope for a peaceful sleep, you’re brought into another adventure in la la land. Fighting against enemies, fleeing from demons et cetera.

Arghhh… ari minggu tok kerja lagik.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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