Going for a bob

“I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair”
Hillary Clinton

Whats with new mothers and a bob. Or newlyweds with a bob. Or a woman in crisis/stress with a bob.

Secretly wishing for this look..

Even the hairdresser had to ask me a couple of times, just to make sure, if I really wanted to snip off my hip length strands of hair. I nodded firmly. Much to his own excitement actually. Bet he was itching to cut it and style the new bob. Mr Husband (being him) made no comment whatsoever regarding the new look. Not even an 8 second stare. Its as though I was born with that blob. My SIL and MIL noticed it and voila in a few days, my SIL decided to get a bob too. And just a few minutes ago on Facebook, another friend of mine whos just given birth last month went to get a bob. Awesome.

Its a trend nowadays, to have a bob! he says. My hairdresser – who gives the best head & shoulder massage in the world.

Honestly, I dont give a damn. I just want my nape – hair free. The haircut was like an initiation to a club. It almost felt like starting over. Just like how I cut off my hair after a split with a boyfriend. Or the time when I decided to not only cut but also bleached my head after a split with another boyfriend. Its liberating in a sense. Its a form of unexplained freedom.

I wonder if Xiaxue would also consider jumping into the bandwagon once she gives birth to her little munchkin. Interesting..

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