Kudos Salon

The last time I went for a proper haircut was in 2020. Then, COVID19 happened and all the non-essential services were forced to close. I was dying for a trim and a head massage and so I thought I’d go to the salon that I used to go to before this. A familiar place for an introvert like myself. Alas, when I arrived at the doorstep at the supposed opening time, the doors were shut. I sent a WhatsApp message to the store and made an enquiry. Turns out they are going to open later at 12noon instead of 10am. I was dismayed as this was not conveyed on their social media page.

I decided to try a new place. I went to Kudos Salon at Aeon Bandaraya Melaka.

They were very kind to provide a private room for hijab wearers and I had the best hour of my life. I ended up with not only a haircut + wash but also scalp treatment. Just that morning alone, the salon managed to get RM310 from me for their astounding services. Winnie, my hair stylist recommended me to do some ‘hair relaxing’ in the near future which I will consider when I have the opportunity to take leave. They use Kerastase as their choice of product at the salon. Which is OK I guess. I look forward to my next session at this place, maybe September?

Exploring Malacca : Iqlil Salon – Small and Cosy

“Your hair is a statement of Style, an affirmation of Beauty, and an expression of Self Love”

Ademola Mandela


Its pretty simple. Im here in Malacca because Mr Husband hails from here and its only natural for me to follow on suit. This means I have left behind my usual life in Kuching and get to start brand new here. Thus, it feels great to explore new shopping outlets or salon centres for this matter as I try to call Malacca my new home.

Recently, I came across a small little salon. IQLIL SALON.Prior to this, Small means a basic salon, not fashionable, dingy to a certain extent and of course.. cheap. I decided to give it a try since it has one important selling point – caters for muslimah. Thus ensures that you’re not getting a hair cut in the midst of men at waiting areas staring at you. Leaving you with an uncomfortable feeling as you first have to take off your headscarf and then putting it on again as you leave hoping at the same time the hairdresser would not feel disappointed with you doing so after he/she finished blow drying your hair in the most awesome fashion ever.

At the same time, you also do not want the hairdresser to take you for granted – cuci rambut ala kadar, blow drying half-heartedly thinking that you prolly dont mind since you’re wearing a tudung anyway.

So, I stepped into Iqlil with a not-so high expectation.

2014 blog-001

I was immediately welcomed with a smile by one of the hairdressers. Pretty pretty lady. I had almost thought the place would be runned by makciks trying to pass their time. There were other customers so I was told to make myself comfortable at the waiting area which was spacious and cute. Having a TV there was enough to make me occupied as I scanned through the hair products they had on their shelves.

When it came to my turn to have my hair done, I was met by a petite young lady who ran her fingers through my hair gently and highlighted the main problems she saw with it. She recommended a hairstyle that would work for me after I have stated my preferences. I love people who can do magic with hair once you say ‘apa-apa je.. janji tak kacau length’. She mentioned services of Iqlil such as hair treatment and such but did not go on as to pressuring me to get one which was a bonus point. Pushing customers to get a particular service on and on is pretty annoying.

I have to mention that the head massage and shoulder she gave during the hair wash was spot on. I almost dozed off from the relaxing experience.

Price was reasonable. The 5% discount was generous.

I hope to visit it again next month after one of my oncalls. Perhaps for a hair treatment session. I had only wished that Iqlil would be more proactive in approaching its customers in becoming its members. I was kind of waiting for the cashier to mention or hand me a simple pamphlet regarding members benefits and such. Or display its members card on top of the cashier desk beside the macarons to reinforce the banners and boards on display. It didnt happen. ha ha. Next time, maybe?

Going for a bob

“I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair”
Hillary Clinton

Whats with new mothers and a bob. Or newlyweds with a bob. Or a woman in crisis/stress with a bob.

Secretly wishing for this look..

Even the hairdresser had to ask me a couple of times, just to make sure, if I really wanted to snip off my hip length strands of hair. I nodded firmly. Much to his own excitement actually. Bet he was itching to cut it and style the new bob. Mr Husband (being him) made no comment whatsoever regarding the new look. Not even an 8 second stare. Its as though I was born with that blob. My SIL and MIL noticed it and voila in a few days, my SIL decided to get a bob too. And just a few minutes ago on Facebook, another friend of mine whos just given birth last month went to get a bob. Awesome.

Its a trend nowadays, to have a bob! he says. My hairdresser – who gives the best head & shoulder massage in the world.

Honestly, I dont give a damn. I just want my nape – hair free. The haircut was like an initiation to a club. It almost felt like starting over. Just like how I cut off my hair after a split with a boyfriend. Or the time when I decided to not only cut but also bleached my head after a split with another boyfriend. Its liberating in a sense. Its a form of unexplained freedom.

I wonder if Xiaxue would also consider jumping into the bandwagon once she gives birth to her little munchkin. Interesting..