Its Time To Plan again

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. E. B. White

Get out your planners people. Its time to get ahead of schedule, enrich lives and at the same time keeping stress levels to the minimum. personally, 2012 has been quite of a havoc and energy draining.

Of roles in life

I am a new mother, still learning the steps and understanding my role as one.

I have been transfered to a district hospital to continue my service as a medical officer. Despite not working in an environment that I knew so well a.ka. anaesthesia, looking on the bright side, I have managed to make new friends among my work colleagues and supporting staff.

I am living on a new soil. malacca. out of duty and resposibility of an obedient wife. Honestly, I have nothing to lose. Malacca does have a lot more to offer than the isolated town of SP. For now. he he.

And now I am learning to become a wife again. a cooking, cleaning, holding an intelligent discussion with the husband kind of wife. Ha ha ha.. somehow I feel obliged to rise up to the role especially after the purchase of our first little home.

I did not manage to read a lot of books. this includes my daily medical books. Tsk tsk tsk.

I did not manage to get involve in any charitable activites. Perhaps 2013 is the way to start anyway.

I did not have the opportunity to expand and build my culinary expertise/portfolio. Lol. Not to mention, I have also kind of abandoned my so called other blogs. Double tsk tsk.

But… all hope is not lost

I did manage to separate part of my income towards Zakat. Something that ive been hoping t do for a very long time but havent had the chance to go about it.

I attended conferences and seminars of things that are not related to the medical field. well.. at least not with the scientific jargons and all those shenanigans.

I went to our local zoo. Yes, finally going somewhere.

And I brought people together through food. In precise, the Jco baby doughnuts. Oh.. and also Chipsmore and Julies crackers. who knows next year I might bring homemade food instead of all those hi-carb diets.

So whats in store for next year?

It would be nice to rekindle my friendship with mi familia in Preston sometime ago. We all have children now but to me every girl must have their girlfriends close at all times despite being married to a hundred years. Celebrate their birthdays, their kids bdays.. send gifts, cards or parcels as substitute to us all being far away from each other.

Serve home cooked food to Mr Husband as many times as possible in a month.

Go for little trips or holidays to enrich life experiences.

Finally, to look and ask for that true calling. I mean.. what if a career in medicine and interest in Anaesthesia is just a detour? and that something bigger awaits?!

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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