SmartLife : A bRAND NEW YOU

Credit : Prevention.Com

Credit : Prevention.Com

This year I am given the opportunity to contribute and join in the fun of a programme held in hospital called SmartLife. It was previously a weight loss prgramme known as  ‘The Big Loser’ programme, aiming as what you’d have guessed as a losing weight programme. This year however, we are going for a more holistic approach and over a much shorter time. 8 WEEKS. Yup, a month short of a trimester.

Participants will be saturated with the terms of calories, exercises, metabolisms, on top of weight weight weight. Eventhough my role is as a facilitator, I still hope to gather its fringe benefits. In other words, lose some kilos as well.

I am starting this 8 week project with 56.7 KG. Lets hope I can loss more before my anniversary end of this year.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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