Organizing Diabetes Day 2022

Planning and organizing this programme was a learning curve.

Human resource stuff. Funding stuff. Logistic stuff. Part of my miscellaneous task includes printing out certificates, present hunting and creating montage. This is my first time using Canva to create videos. I had no idea you could make one so easily. I am contemplating getting the Pro version. I was swayed to get Spotify Premium just for this event as I wanted background music to always play while participants were registering. So now there’s no more music interruption on Spotify and I can download my tracks to play offline.

One of the most valuable lessons was in communication. Learning how to talk to the boss, and team members (the good and the bad), physical communication, and online communication..

  1. The beginning is always the hardest, once it looks easy, more people want to be part of it.

    2. Teamwork Works when the Core Members are strong

    3. Sometimes you have to be authoritative in your approach.
    Saya nak ni. Saya nak tu
    Sediakan bla bla bla

    4. A multidisciplinary programme requires skills to not only work with the leaders of other units but also to overcome issues pertaining to the Generation Gap. Aged members or those too young may not understand where your ideas are coming from.

    5. Having said that, we cannot change how other leaders choose to run their units. Especially when the practice is ‘ memang biasa kita buat mcm ni’.

    6. Organizing a programme/outreach is fun when you have Money, Human Resources and No Redtapes. Nak pinjam board utk tampal poster promosi pun kena surat seminggu before programme. In the end, I used my Elaun keraian to support the programme. I printed out our own certificates using my trusted Brother printer at home.

    7. Patients can change. Patients can improve with the right psychological state and an appropriate biological intervention

    7. Malaysians enjoy free things – so we prepared mini goodies to bring back home.

    8. To lead means having the skills to delegate – knowing who can do what task. Failure to do so results in the head shouldering most of the responsibilities. For some people we give instructions, and they can carry out and consult back accordingly. Some need to have their work scrutinized with frequent checks.
    Let’s just say that I learned my lesson.

    9. Creativity means different to different people. What you imagine/envision may not be properly interpreted by some. So, if the results are acceptable, you kinda learn to just shut one eye.

    10. Show up and face the challenges
The award recipients and The Team

I submitted our event to the International Diabetic Federation committee for consideration to be featured on their site. We will see how it goes.

With god’s will, we will plan more activities for Hypertension and Asthma next year.

Celebrating doctor’s Day

In Malaysia, Doctor’s Day is celebrated on the 10th of October.

We celebrated our last Friday. Pretty much delayed but still happening. My task was to create a mini-video relating to our team. My initial idea was to create a video introducing our medical officers to their respective portfolios. However, since it can be time-consuming and requires cooperation from the team, I decided to make something simpler. I’d do a montage.

I extracted the audio from a Youtube video. The OST I had in mine was the one from a popular medical series in the 90’s, ER.

Then, I scoured through my collection of videos I have collected of my friends via WhatsApp and my own take. I also had my friends send in their new videos if they want to. I trimmed and arranged the clips in a way that would suit the OST. As for the opening, I searched for the ‘ECG GIF’ and videoed shot it on my screen. I think the outcome is OK for an amateur.

Since this is going to be an annual thing – we’ve got to start planning for it next year. Ha ha.

Sports Day – sluggish, adult version at the clinic

I am 39. I am not a sports fan but still in a position where I have to participate. urgh. lemau. I still do it for the sake of my friends, the camaraderie and all. Although I would definitely choose to just sit at the side if I have the luxury of such a choice. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, October is National Sports Month.

My clinic had a few tournaments going on. Staff are placed in 5 teams. I am in the blue team. Some of the games we had included badminton, volleyball, netball, ping pong, congkak, carrom and Explorace. We were in 4th place, overall. The closing ceremony was yesterday. And we had a blast. I had lots of kambing golek.

I feel that the blue team could improve more on leadership next year. We were a boat sailing without a proper captain. Perhaps then members could give their cooperation and participate more next time round. Since this will probably happen again next year, might as well practice ping pong for next year.

This is me enjoying the song. I love dancing. And singing. That’s more of my thing. Than sports. Ha ha.

I will find who you are and make a complaint!

That was what the lady doctor said.

I wanted to answer back by saying “you don’t really have to go into much trouble, I am always here at *insert place of practice*” but since she sounded so pissed off already, I decided to keep quiet and let her have her moment over the phone. I think she had an audience beside her – I hope she has a good, uneventful shift today. Silence is not a sign of retreat. I still respect her for her knowledge and all. Besides, I did not really have anything nice to say in return. A wise senior doc once said, if someone is on fire – you become the water. Giteww. TQ Haji Karim. ha ha ha ha

To be honest, I knew that the referral would not be smooth sailing. It was one of those moments when you’re just stuck between an obstinate patient and doing what is best for her within the resources that you have. I welcome the lady doc’s complaint in the future if it will make her feel better. Although I know I can still sleep well because I know I did everything by the book.

I advised the patient. My nurses re-emphasized my points. We actually asked her multiple times if she changes her mind. She still wanted to follow her head.

I consulted my specialist. I followed my specialist’s plan. She had 2 plans. The best and the alternative if the patient remains obstinate. It was just unfortunate that plan B involved a third party and the 3rd party hated the plan. So, the 3rd party got really pissed. Since it was easy to just launch a verbal attack towards a junior colleague, that was what happened. I think the lady was super pissed when I sounded too calm over the phone. Yelah.. kita ni bukannya housemen lagi – we kinda realized that kat dunia luar, rambut pun sama hitam. furthermore, when you are a medical officer approaching the 40s, you kinda dun give a shit to all the irrelevant dramas. Meaning if I was given feedback by another person, I try my best to focus on the content and less on the emotions.

For example, if an angry patient comes to the clinic and start to maki2 people like

babi lah korang, P***** Pu*****.. kalau hari ni bukan hari ambik darah, kenapa bagi appointment hari ni? ingat senang ke nak amek cuti…

I will deafen my ears to the pig and vagi–nah part and focus on the problem mentioned after. Removing the emotion, will in a way, make you less reactive to the remarks and less likely to respond in a manner that you will regret later. But does it always happen that way? Is it always successful>? Of courselah tak.. I do not have the patience of a Buddha. hahaha.

At the end of the day, we can only advise and it is up to the patient to make an informed decision. Plan B did not go through which leaves plan C, the least favourable. The patient took her own discharge at her own risk with a snigger, not knowing that I paid for her transport to get the supposed treatment. Thankfully, the transport person returned a portion of the money as a goodwill gesture.

Aiming for 50% coverage of vaccination rate

I am keeping this here because they got my name right. Not Yasmeen or Jasmine.

So far, Melaka is at 48% of completed 2nd dose of the vaccine. Once the state reaches 50%, we could hopefully slide into the next phase of the National Recovery Plan. As someone working behind the scenes, the situation is not as rosy. Meeting targets means stretching ourselves short. Working on weekends and public holidays. It got to a point when my daughter told me one day to stop going to work. But I still had to leave after a lot of reassurance. I am still thankful that I could see her waking up and tucking her in bed at night. Some of the front liners do not have such luxury.

I am all for vaccination.

However, the current policy of mandatory vaccination to enter public premises and all, is something I feel needs to be scrutinized. The problem with such implementation at the society level is such that it can be too ‘strict’ so much so that it is not accepting isolated cases where members of the public who are not fit for vaccination. Which leaves the MOH again in figuring out a way of how to certify the medical conditions of these individuals. Do we have them assessed by certain specialists? Do they get a special certificate or memo regarding their health status? So far, since I am part of the mobile team, I have yet to come across these ‘special’ cases but I am sure I will encounter them in the near future.