Weight watching. #BLS 2020.

My weight loss support group BLS 2020 just had our first weigh in a few days ago. This is after a month into the programme. It’s basically us girls who are trying to lose weight with a coach minding our progress. The coach is none other, also our friend of the same study batch. HA ha ha.

We are free to choose whatever fitness programme we like. Be it keto, paleo, GM diet, Intermittent Fasting and what not as long as it supports the idea of a CALORIE DEFICIT.. We can do whatever physical activity to our liking. The ultimate goal for the support group is to motivate each other, exchange recipes (if any) and hope to lose at least 10kg within this 6 months. Just in time before our reunion in April 2020.

For the past one month, I find that I am more obsessed to understand my eating habits and food of choice. I did not do much on physical activity yet. I incorporated a bit of the Smartlife programme I did back in hospital as a facilitator. Part of the strategies from Smartlife include;

  • Calculate your calorie requirement per day in line with your lifestyle. I lead a sedentary lifestyle now that I am working in a clinic setting and my requirements came up to only 1285kcal/day. Knowing that, I should aim for a deficit.
  • Having a food diary. Everything is online now. Find an app and just record your meal intake/calories. I use the inbuilt Samsung Health app. There’s not much Malaysian food in it so most of the time I just record it manually.
  • Set a small, achievable, measurable health target every week. Two, if you’re ambitious. It can be an eating habit, a lifestyle change, a spiritual boost et al. If I could go beyond, I feel great.
  • Physical activity log. I still have a lot to improve on this area.

In the process of learning about food intake and calories, I discovered that;

  • Healthy eating need not be expensive. Yes, you see people take shakes, almond milk, organic this and that, avocado, berries, greek yoghurt and chia seeds. If you’re on a budget, then my advice is go for real food. Meaning tak salah nak hirup sup bayam as snack. Nak telan tofu ngan sos tiram bawang putih masa lunch. Nak minum kopi O satu sudu teh gula as breakfast. Nak minum smoothie jambu batu dan epal. Cause we know in Malaysia, things like avocado and berries are kinda premium purchases, apatah lagi almond milk. So choose food according to your own budget. Make it local. Yet healthy. I think there are more and more trainers/coaches in Malaysia that are trying to make meal plans more local, more Malaysian. If budget is not an issue, then go for it. I personally loved Velvet’s Almond Milk with that nectar thing in my morning coffee.
  • Hydration is really important and is a miracle. Apart from water being good for your skin, it suppresses hunger and make you eat less. Sometimes I add a drop of doterra Grapefruit EO or Lemon inside my drinking water for a tinge of flavour.
  • I need to slow down and be more mindful of what I eat. I have always been fast ever since I was a houseman. Including my husband. Back during the times when we were dating, we’d be walking in the mall like we were tracing blood investigation results. Laju semacam. Makan pun laju. So having to consciously remind myself to sit at the table and have my meals S.l.o.w.l.y kills me a bit, knowing that it is important for proper digestion to occur. I even find 7 mins to make my perfect half boiled egg very agonizing.
  • When you are just starting, try not to have cheat days first. Cause it’ll kill the momentum. It is undeniably difficult during long weekend holidays. But, TRY.
  • Food prep helps. A LOT. When you plan ahead of what you want to eat, it keeps the motivation high to see the numbers on the scale change. You are less likely to give in to the temptation of tapau-ing food or grab fast food. Come to think of it, I haven’t had McDonalds for quite a while now. But I still have KFC from time to time. The breast part without the skin in my sandwich.
  • I should eat less bananas and less snacking on almonds if I want to use my calorie bank for other food items. 13 almonds is 100kcal. I can have like 2 kiwi fruits to substitute for that. In other words, I learnt to switch and prioritise my meals.
  • Once I am firm and consistent with my regime, my family especially my husband tends to follow suit. Lately, he has been getting less portion of food from pasar malam and is more thoughtful of the types of food he wants to buy for dinner. Of course he still buys Tam Tam and Super Rings but not as much as he did before.
  • I can still eat out but I must be smart with my food selection.

To warm up my engine, I just made sure I was eating on a calorie deficit and that my meals were before 730PM. It’s because I tend to reach home just before 6pm and would need to do prayers first before I prep dinner. I wasn’t confident nor ready to commit to a GM diet or a keto yet. Once I get the hang of eating on a calorie deficit on top of HYDRATION with light exercise ( a bit of dumbbells and planks) – I feel I am ready for more.

So I tried Intermittent Fasting. I downloaded an app called Zero to help me get started. I managed it for 3 days in a row until I got my period which kind of tipped things a bit differently. In a way, I need to modify how and when I eat so I wouldn’t get symptomatic anemia while I bleed for the next few days. I figured eating regular meals on a deficit would be better for now. Until I find new ways of how to diet safely while menstruating. Ha ha ha.

Wish me luck. I have 5 months more to go.


Weight loss – hoping to create my own success story

To me, Korean food is palatable. If only they could serve it less spicy for this Sarawakian. ha ha. I wonder if it’s because of the diet that makes most of them looked less than overweight, never mind obese. I can certainly vouch that their water-drinking habits do give them good hydrated skin!


I started my weight loss journey sometime in November last year. My aim was to shed a few kilos so I wouldn’t have to buy bigger clothes and also gain the stamina to endure the hectic hours working in the Emergency Unit. My motivation was further fueled by the need to be at an acceptable baseline pre-pregnancy weight prior to conceiving again when the time comes. This further hinders the risk of being diabetic or hypertensive during pregnancy.

However, just like our menstrual cycle.. I had the perks and troughs throughout my journey. Sometimes I get so high in working out that I’ll do it more than 3 times a week. At times, when my oncall schedule or work commitments start to disrupt the routine, I would go back being a couch potato for another week.

Hence, Consistency was never Constant in my weight loss dictionary – but Motivation and Persistence was always there.

Despite a few stumbles and shortcomings, I was keen to continue with my mini war. In fact, I’m still on it. A staff once asked how much I was losing in a week,

I replied contently, ” about 0.5 kg at least – sometimes none at all if I’m not doing it right”
She wasn’t impressed. She said “oh.. that’s not much”

I should be angry and upset that she couldn’t see the struggle I faced to lose that 0.5 kg but I choose not to. I knew I was on the right track. After all, I am seeing results within these 9 months with the hiccoughs and all. I am always checking into KevinZahri’s website to find new weight loss inspiration. If  you were to read the success stories on the site, you would have realized that the weight loss did not happen in a month or few weeks – some took over a year but look at the tremendous change. Aren’t they inspiring?

I am more cautious of what I eat. I also try to squeeze in more minutes on my treadmill and bicycle. I still have a few more kilos to go but looking back, knowing that I have taken the first step to try was good enough. I want to make my own success story.

I missed breakfast.. then crap happens

Any health instructor, nutritionist or physical trainer would tell you to :

  1. Not miss breakfast
  2. To eat breakfast within one hour of waking up from sleep to set the metabolism rate for the day

I broke both rules. I had a late breakfast at the cafe and my calorie consumption of the day was erratic. Its as though all the rice in the world wants to jump into my mouth and dive into the sea of the stomach to be digested by acid. Can you imagine? Nasi goreng for breakfast and then nasi dagang for lunch? Of which I actually finished ALL the rice?


Crappy eating did not stop there. I consumed a sweet can drink on my way home followed by a glass of hot, creamy chocolate drink and a bowl of Nata de Coco. Oh gosh.. I might as well call today my cheat day.

I rarely miss breakfast. At home, a simple breakfast would be slices of toast with butter or peanut butter. Sometimes sandwiches with fillings. On a rajin day, I’d defrost burger or hotdog to be fried the next morning. Occasionally I’d be really enthusiastic in breakfast making and will cook up a full English breakfast with eggs, bake beans and potato hash. A pancake or lempeng at most but these are reserved for weekend menus. And on malas days?

“abang.. beli roti canai please..”


SmartLife : Knowing different diet regimes … a learning journal

Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose – Karl Lagerfeld

The Atkins diet, Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), low GI diet, going ‘Paleo’ are all commercialized dieting regimes which I came to know of prior to being involved in the Smartlife programme. Now that Im selected as a peer coach, I seem to have cultivated a renewed interest in exploring about nutrition and exercise.

A few days ago, moms around the world portrayed mixed reactions to a selfie photo posed by Carolina Berg Erikson – a Norwegian footballers wife who is a fitness instructor herself. While some seemed to wage a war against her for being ‘insensitive’, there were some who gave her a pat on the back for her sense of achievement.

Credit : Femalefirst.Co.Uk

I was one of them who would say,‘Well done’. Though I do not appreciate having a photo of her flat tummy shoved to the face, I was incredibly curious as to to how she managed to shed the baby weight in a short period of time. That was also the first time I heard about going on a Low Carb High Fat diet. As advocated by momma Carolina herself.

The Diet Doctor blog summarized it well. And illustrated perfectly the safety aspects of this diet. It boasts of not having to count the calories but I suppose the bottomline of it all is : NO RICE/PASTA/BIHUN/MEE KUNING. 

Urgh. Tough.

Still, Momma Carolina was able to gain weight in a healthy way throughout her pregnancy.

Thus, I am inspired.

I hope to do the same in my next pregnancy.

Smartlife : Week 5 already?

Eat your food while staring into a mirror…. totally naked! – Larry Wentz

I am into my 5th week of the Smartlife programme. An 8 week programme designed by the hospital committee with the aim of encouraging its participants to eat,live right and as a bonus, lose weight!  I am trying my best to stay on track. It has not been easy and involved a few tweaks and there to my daily habits. Especially my fridge contents. Now that we are entering the 5th week, I have sat down and revised on a few things and reinforcing certain key points on the matter.


Its not Mommjjang Ahjumma per se.

I plan to get to a pre-pregnancy baseline weight before I start conceiving again. Id prefer putting on kilos on say, a 50KG than a staggering 57KG. At least it’ll make me feel happier knowing that I dont have too much baby fat to burn.

On top of that, my anniversary is coming soon. Lets have a greater figure for the picture shall we?


Credit: Google Image

Credit: Google Image

My calorie requirement per day is technically 1400 KCAL. This either means I maintain a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) everyday without exercise OR eat whatever I choose to eat and focus more on how I choose to exercise and burn the adipose tissues. more time? a different circuit/regime? Take up Yoga like one of my inspirors, Ninie Ahmad?

So far, I have been putting the extra effort to do a minimum 10 Mins on the bike/treadmill. I should consider escalating it to 20 mins. Yup, baby steps.


Lets face it. A women has got to detox whether she likes it or not. It’ll help to kind of get you on a fresh start. Since Im a hater for traditional products, I chose a mainstream detox product. Inner Dtox. Enough for only 7 days.


Lets not belittle this powerful tool. Whila I have been able to stay off most Fast Food chains to its most minimum consumption rate, I have yet to conquer the timing of when I choose to have my meals or snacks. I still have trouble refraining myself from the ‘No after 8 Munching Rule’.

So thats a few things to get straight.
Week 5, here I go!