Smartlife : Week 5 already?

Eat your food while staring into a mirror…. totally naked! – Larry Wentz

I am into my 5th week of the Smartlife programme. An 8 week programme designed by the hospital committee with the aim of encouraging its participants to eat,live right and as a bonus, lose weight!  I am trying my best to stay on track. It has not been easy and involved a few tweaks and there to my daily habits. Especially my fridge contents. Now that we are entering the 5th week, I have sat down and revised on a few things and reinforcing certain key points on the matter.


Its not Mommjjang Ahjumma per se.

I plan to get to a pre-pregnancy baseline weight before I start conceiving again. Id prefer putting on kilos on say, a 50KG than a staggering 57KG. At least it’ll make me feel happier knowing that I dont have too much baby fat to burn.

On top of that, my anniversary is coming soon. Lets have a greater figure for the picture shall we?


Credit: Google Image

Credit: Google Image

My calorie requirement per day is technically 1400 KCAL. This either means I maintain a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) everyday without exercise OR eat whatever I choose to eat and focus more on how I choose to exercise and burn the adipose tissues. more time? a different circuit/regime? Take up Yoga like one of my inspirors, Ninie Ahmad?

So far, I have been putting the extra effort to do a minimum 10 Mins on the bike/treadmill. I should consider escalating it to 20 mins. Yup, baby steps.


Lets face it. A women has got to detox whether she likes it or not. It’ll help to kind of get you on a fresh start. Since Im a hater for traditional products, I chose a mainstream detox product. Inner Dtox. Enough for only 7 days.


Lets not belittle this powerful tool. Whila I have been able to stay off most Fast Food chains to its most minimum consumption rate, I have yet to conquer the timing of when I choose to have my meals or snacks. I still have trouble refraining myself from the ‘No after 8 Munching Rule’.

So thats a few things to get straight.
Week 5, here I go!

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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