Go and be great

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” 
― George Bernard Shaw

Evolve, improve, upgrade.. it all involves the act of changing from one circumstances to another. Often towards the better good.

And sometimes it comes with the job. The title. And the salary.

Climbing up the ladder of hierarchy inevitably requires you to possess certain sets of skills to execute a particular job. whats worse is that once you’ve demonstrated that, you need to do more to stay on the job.

Just this evening I was approached by a colleague for what seemed like a simple task. That is to give an hour long talk to a group of people in a one-day course in 2 weeks time. I accepted the task for 5 reasons;

  • It revolves around Organ Donation. An issue that I am secretly passionate about having seen a moving korean video clip of a guy donating his eyes to the love of his life. Of course, it was Bulll**** all the way but the idea did got me thinking of the statistics of organ donation we have in our country.
  • I only have to give one talk. Which is fair and good enough for a novice speaker like myself.
  • Earn easy CPD points for my logbook.
  • I get to have variety in my daily activity for the day. For instance, the morning in OT giving general anaesthesia followed by a few hours in the emergency unit after and then ending the day with the course. Plus tea.
  • Meet new people

Now, here comes the twist.

I may have been putting up a jolly front. The truth is I have insecurities. I always have doubts as to how I might sound when giving a talk. I worry that substance would be poor. method would be less than commendable.

Yet hey, Im telling myself we have to improve. Yes?

the late yasmin Ahmad in her memoir wrote about how she helped people conquer their fears of public speaking. She had them sat in a room for a teaching session on ‘how to be a good speaker’. Prior to starting class, there was an ice breaking session and she had them talking freely about themselves and most importantly of things that affects them most in life.

Later as the class begins, she started by playing a video. So you see, what these participants didnt know was that she had hidden cameras installed during the earlier session and all of them saw how each of them were telling stories which move mountains and ignites fire. Perfectly. To which late Yasmin said, ‘We are brilliant speakers, in our own ways. That all we need to do is stay true to ourselves and everything would flow naturally’

Thus, I am inspired. 

I shall try my best.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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