Why not starting Charity within 500m


Sometimes the inner altruism just decides to emerge from nowhere. I see a poor family amongst my patients and I envisioned myself going to their home bringing a box of donations – groceries, milo et cetera. I even imagined I would organize an activity with the nearby orphanage However it never happened.

The closest I get to being charitable is offering my own meal to patients who had to wait in the observation bay prior to admission to the wards. Or a MYR 10 note to pay for the cab home.

Simply because after a hectic day at work and just wanting to go home and see my kid.. I tend to forget.

Recently however I realised that we can be charitable in our own way.And I find that one of the best ways I could accomplish that was to dispense good quality advice or words of encouragement on top of my usual medical advice.

Such as
“live happy”
“work smary”
“get a haircut. go to this salon”
“go for a holiday. see the elephants at Kenyir Lake”

Yes. While we may not be able to change the world. At least it brings a whole world of difference to that one person you’re talking to. 

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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