Babysitting coop… closer to home.

It’s nice to have many extra pair of hands in managing the household. Some resort to having a live-in maid. others resort to external cleaning services and such. I for one, prefer asking help from those closest to me – husband, mother, sisters and such.

Last weekend Mr Husband and I decided to try our own family Babysitting Coop. We would babysit our niece in return of his sister babysitting ours for a few hours while we both go out on a date for a movie.

Credit: NintendoFuse.Com

Credit: NintendoFuse.Com


We chose a day when both sets of parents would be home. This is after all our first attempt. We do not want to overwhelm each other by single-handedly watch over ‘two terrible tots’. WE are after all both first time parents.

Then we picked a movie not too long or too short.

After the movies, we picked up the kids straight from the home and only then went for lunch – together. We don’t want the sister to feel too stressed out on this first trial. I thought it worked out to be great.

We had our date. We get to watch movies and spent quality time as a couple. And baby Zeeq is well taken care of by his own aunt. Without us worrying throughout the movie thinking whether baby has been changed or fed.

Perhaps another movie this month.

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