Letter to Syazmin : How to save a life

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 
― John Holmes

cable car langkawi

Dear Syazmin/s,

Have I told you that I saved a few lives today? I gave some pretty funky gas to help an old lady breath better. I injected a powerful analgesic to help ease another lady’s pain. I gave a man some water through a tubing that goes through his veins because he couldn’t eat or drink well for the past few days.

I can go on and on of what I did to my patients today so they could live to see another day and go through the day feeling much better.


Have I told you that I also saved a soul today? The treatment came in the form of kind words and eyes. A warm touch and a listening ear. Occasionally, a cup of hot drinks or a bit of kuih if there are leftovers from the staff pantry. Nothing fancy really.

Mommy gets surprised sometimes when people come with gastritis and yet they have not taken breakfast or dinner the night before. Miraculously they get better with that one slice of bread the doctor on call gets for their breakfast that day.

Perhaps they were in too much pain to even realize that a simple remedy lies closer to them than being in hospital. That all they need is a little bit of love, attention and food from their family or significant other.

Mommy hope that as you grow up you will come to realize that in helping or saving someone from despair, you don’t have to be super rich, super smart or super strong like Superman. You just have to be kind and generous by giving what you could afford at the time. All of us can lend a hand to the other in their own special way.

I believe you can too.

I love you.

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