A holy cause


My younger sister is a teacher in a secondary school and today she told me.

“Jadi cikgu ni kita takkan kaya.. tapi InsyaAllah cukup. Maknanya kalau orang lain ada rumah banglo kita ada rumah teres. Orang lain ada kereta Mercedes, kita ada Saga. Tak mewah, tapi cukup. Rata-rata kalau kamu tanya mereka yang menyertai KPLI.. tentang kenapa mereka ingin menjadi seorang guru.. semua akan mempunyai jawapan yang sama

“kami bukan mengejar harta kekayaan, kami mengejar anugerah beramal jariah”

We were catching up over dinner regarding the daily things in our lives. One of which is our jobs. She was dismayed at the thought that some elders within the family tree did not understand the true spirit behind teaching. They were putting pressure on her so she could keep up with the Joneses – get a house, buy a car et cetera..

She however did not want that. She just wanted to teach and enjoy the interaction with her students. And I totally respect her for that. Its time for others to do the same. Despite the bad apples among the teachers, I still believe that the future of our Malaysian students are still safe and bright.

Cheers to the teachers.. like my baby sister

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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